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Pleasure Seekers

okpk’s new EP Pleasure Seekers is the soundtrack to an imaginary film about a pair of lovers trapped in a disintegrating virtual paradise. As they struggle to find escape, it becomes clear that their collapsing environment is a manifestation of the unspoken problems in their relationship. We follow them over the course of the EP as they flee, realise, and confront this truth, ultimately escaping into an uncertain future. A deep and lush blend of melodic electronica, RnB, and moody ambience, Pleasure Seekers will appeal to fans of artists like Arca, Clark, Visionist, and Fatima Al Qadiri.

The EP is accompanied by 6 videos created by multimedia artist Arya Hawker. Initially Arya designed a short looping animation focused on pixel-sorting, a technique where all colours on-screen are sorted into sections of solid colour. The frames developed in this process were used as the basis for 6 high-resolution animations which react to the music..

In addition to the videos, okpk has worked with modern dance company Broken Rhythms to present the collaborative piece Striga Form/Pleasure Seekers, which complements the live performance of Pleasure Seekers with choreography for 3 dancers written by Dyana Sonik-Henderson in response to the music.


r/n collective / Low Indigo / Modern Math
okpk is a sound designer and producer based on the West Coast. Drawing inspiration from the west coast bass scene, modern RnB, and UK dance mutations, he has developed an unique take on modern electronica, fusing a melancholy melodic sense with a deep love of the physicality of bass music.

A self-taught musician and instrument developer, okpk specialises in soundscapes that blur the line between analogue and digital, acoustic and electronic, real and unreal. Taking a deep interest in the tools he uses, he has worked on the development of some of the digital instruments in his palette, and uses a modular synth he built from pcbs and parts.

He has recently performed live PA with experimental luminaries Goth Trad and Untold, and remounted the Striga Form/Pleasure Seekers collaboration at the Dance Days festival in Victora. okpk otherwise keeps busy as Artistic Director for the Pretty Good Not Bad festival and as a core member of the Urban Therapy collective, organising underground raves.

2017 will see the release of Pleasure Seekers, the Sublunar EP though Modern Math, and a second collaboration with Broken Rhythms.

t: @okpksound

Past & Future works:
2010 EP – Low Indigo [2015]
Hollow EP – Low Indigo [2016]
Pleasure Seekers EP – r/n [2017]
Sublunar EP – Modern Math [2017]


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