the passenger
parker street ep

r/n: K first question A/s/l/?
The Passenger: 34 male vancity born n raised.

r/n: Why Parker street? Where does the name come from? Is there a story behind this album?
The Passenger: Parker Street is a spot that I walk through at night near the train tracks close to Clark...I love the vibe around there.

r/n: Was Layla 's acid good? Is there a story
The passenger: I dunno, you can say its about a beautiful vancoverite

r/n: It turn out ok?
The Passenger: Hmmmm can't really go into that one, other than its about and for a local gal. hmmm well we are not together, so it didn’t really work out but I cared for her deeply

r/n: How would you describe your process for this album. Run me through a day in studio with the passenger.
The Passenger: For the process, I find I do sound design on a random Synth until I make something that inspires a jam. If the jam is good, I'll continue to record parts. If I still want to work on it after that then it'll become a song. If not it back burners until I re discover it or not.

r/n: What has been exciting for you lately as far as musical influences?
The Passenger: Musically I have been listening to early and mid 90s jungle and hip hop...and all sorts or random electronica

r/n: Who did this beautiful art? Can you tell me more about this artist?
The Passenger: The art is by Carson Cartier
I love his stuff, met him through a mutual friend and always liked his work. He's also a solid skate boarder. Insta Vancouverite cred lol.